If you are really motivated, you can come in for training up to 3x per week.

Below, you see a map with an overview of the locations we meet regularly. Detailed descriptions follow further down.

The red icon shows Sporthalle Nord on Eselsberg, the orange icon shows our gym at the Waldorfschule Illerblick on Kuhberg, the purple one shows the Serrando club house and the blue marks the approximate location we meet in the park in summer.



 1.  Thursdays, 20:30 to 22:00 at the Sporthalle Nord - Ulm and Neu-Ulm University Sports Club

Webpage and registration Hochschulsport - Jonglieren

There are 2 trainers (Michael & Sandi), who can teach classical juggling, unicycle, waveboard, devilsticks, cigar boxes and diabolo. Props are available. You should bring comfort clothes, water to drink and maybe indoor sports shoes. The Sporthalle Nord is located on top of Eselberg close to the university. The official address is Talstr. 51 Ulm-Lehr. There are parking spaces behind the building and also at the Helmholtzstr. By bus, you go to the stop Botanischer Garten (lines 3, 5, 15, 48) and then walk for about 5 minutes.



2. Tuesdays, 20:00 - 22:00 Gym of the Waldorfschule Illerblick,  Fort unterer Kuhberg 16

This is an open training in a small gym with a quite high ceiling. We´re focused on juggling and diabolo but you can basically do anything. Available props are clubs, balls, rings, diabolos, devilsticks and poi. As we have to pay rent for the gym, we´d appreciate a contribution of approx. 2€ per training. Still, anyone and everyone is welcome to join - jugglers or non-jugglers alike! 

The official address of this place is Unterer Kuhberg 16 and there are free parking spaces right outside the fort. Coming by bus, you take lines 4 or 8 to Saarlandstr. and walk back a few meters to Römerstr. then turn rightand walk uphill. A big white sign advertises the fort. When you arrived there you´d probably want to take a look at the map below to find the best way among the buildings. The Serrando rooms are on the second floor of the huge fortress (purple icon). The gym of Waldorfschule Illerblick is on the top floor of a smaller building in the back (orange icon).


3.  On many Sunday afternoons, we have an open training session either at the club house of Serrando or in the gym at Waldorfschule Illerblick.

Webpage Serrando eV.

We will advertise Sunday training sessions on the news section of the main page whenever we offer them. It´s again an open training that everyone is welcome to join but there is no official trainer. Available props are clubs, balls, rings, diabolos, devilsticks and poi. During the winter you should bring a warm pullover and indoor shoes or house shoes. The most important thing about Sunday´s trainings is that there ALWAYS is some cake...

On some Sunday afternoons, the same rooms are open for a free training of poi, staff and fire artists - but you are allowed to throw things. If you are interested to join (and there is no announcement of juggling on the main page), please call Melanie or Christian (0174-3607580 or 0162-2011469) to ask whether the poi & staff training will take place.  If you want to take lessons in poi, fire arts or oriental dance, have a look at the website www.feuer-und-flamme-ulm.de!


During summertime, we meet regularly at the Friedrichsau to juggle, slack and barbecue. Whenever we are there, we´ll post it on the news section in the main page.

Generally you should bring whatever you need yourself, I´m usually carrying lots of clubs and balls, though. So if you want to juggle but don´t have your own equipment, that´s fine. Most days, we will start around 6pm, as some of us have to work until 5. To find the right place, you take lines 1 or 6 to the stop Donaustadion and then walk along the stadium towards the river. Usually we are easy to see. 

...and around Ulm: all over Germany (and Europe) there are weekend meetings from jugglers for jugglers where we exchange new tricks and pattern, see great shows and really get into practising for hours  - And we meet our juggling friends, have parties and relax. Most of this homepage was written during a juggling convention. Some people from Ulm go to many of these meetings and sometimes, there are even free spaces in a car...

To see when is the next convention, look on Inbaz!