The Sandiplex-5

The Sandiplex-5 is a five ball routine for two jugglers. This one is a little (but not much) more difficult than the “Knot Thing”. Even if you are a beginner, have a try at it! I came up with the name because of its multiplex throw feature . Check out some more advanced stuff right … Weiterlesen

The Knot Thing

The Knot thing is a two person juggling routine that even beginners can master during their first lesson. It is simple, start-/stoppable at any point etc. You could think it’s almost nothing, but it is the Knot Thing! One “difficulty” might be making it look good, by keeping a steady rhythm and using a grand … Weiterlesen

Thursday Training during the summer

the Uni-Sporthalle is now closed (we’re going to reopen it in October btw.) Yet there’s juggling opportunities on Thursdays in the Friedrichsau (park) from now on. Here’s a map to guide you there: Typically people show up between 6pm an 9pm, but that may depend on the weather and whatnot – please check back … Weiterlesen

The Loom Run

image (Loom Run)

The „Loom Run“ is a three person juggling routine I invented in 2017. Euphorized by the (humble) success of sorting out the Double-W, I got creative again…The Loom Run actually further develops my „shifting columns“ idea. It consists of nothing but column shifting throws, really.According to some reports, it’s „quite a unique feeling“ how the … Weiterlesen

The Double-W

The Double-W is a two person juggling routine I invented back in ca. 2008 when Wilma (neat – two Ws literally juggling W shapes) was still in town. I’m sure she kept my sketch/letter just in case I needed written proof. Anyway, the first successful performance of the Double-W saw the light in – 2016. … Weiterlesen