The Loom Run

The “Loom Run” is a three person juggling routine I invented in 2017.

Euphorized by the (humble) success of sorting out the Double-W, I got creative again…
The Loom Run actually further develops my “shifting columns” idea. It consists of nothing but column shifting throws, really.
According to some reports, it’s “quite a unique feeling” how the wave of six balls comes (not to say weaves) in to the next-in-line juggler.
The “classic” Loom configuration is six balls for three jugglers, as shown above. This allows for a “semi-chilled” run, I’d say.
Thanks to Anna, Sandi, Jannik, Haiko, Wolf and the rest of the Ulm crew for getting involved in this one!

PS: Loom variants include a version for two jugglers  / four balls going back and forth. We call it “The Loom Switch”.